by Cordoba

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released September 12, 2016

v - Brianna Tong
g - Cam Cunningham
b - Neko Jackson
d - Zach Upton-Davis

Produced by Michael Hegler
Photos by Connor Cunningham



all rights reserved


Cordoba Chicago, Illinois

Cordoba is a Chicago quintet that combines soulful vocals and explosive improvisation with a commitment to radical social change.


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Track Name: Your Window
Let me be / your window of sunlight
Shine for me
Let me be / a little of what you like
Do you believe the words you say to me?

Let me live / a vision of freedom
Like you know
Let me live / I stay in the kingdom
You speak to me with no idea, no home

Oh you should go
Taking me away
Need to go away from here
I will take what you owe

Give to me / a moment of midnight
Wait for me
Let me see / you out of the daylight
I’m saving all the time you spent for me

Tell me
If you hear me
If you’ll leave me
If you want me
If you’ll take me
Track Name: You Never Wait for Me
do you know
do you know
you never wait for me

does it feel
good for you
to push away from me
ead me thru your sound
i won't let u be
scared to touch the ground
i'll stay here til you stop to see me

do you know
do you know
you never wait for me

how can you
close your eyes
and look away from me
Track Name: See What You Want
I’ve counted down but it’s resetting
The time that didn’t get seen will not forget
The ticks lined up but I was guessing
The numbers would forgive
You pretend they don’t conceal
Something you wanna know
I pray they all won’t disappear
The moment you let go

Before I knew this mood took over
And we take far too long
We let the days fade out much slower
Now that we’re feeling wrong
Track Name: February
Snow gathers up its ranks, lining the riverbanks, in wait, it lies
More quickly to react, to throw the colors back like diamond eyes
When the nervous stream starts to freeze,
Is it trying to break its mold?
No, it's emptiness disguised as movement of the light so bright and cold

So quickly you react you throw the colors back with your diamond eyes
Your emptiness disguised, reflected light so bright and cold
A liquid lullaby, might echo in the night, were you not around.
The stream is slowing down, but then you never liked its sound.
Track Name: Forget Everything
when you wake in a dark room
no longer next to me
where is the light that keeps u whole

when you find a place for you
to be alone and see
where is the night for me to hold

give me your time
cover your eyes
give me your time
let me be (mine)

when you shake with a feeling of
not knowing who or why
where is the calm where u can hide

when i need
you sang me a lullaby
for sleep you never could find

when you feel free to be comfortable leaving me
i will take everything u thought you'd given me

when you stop waiting for my mind to fall asleep
i will forget everything u had said to me